10 Attributes that will Help You with A Game Plan for Your Marriage ~ Episode 193 Bob Lepine

Aug 16, 2022 | Family, Love, Marriage, Mentor, Podcast, Reflection, Spiritual Game Plan, Spiritual Growth

What is one preconceived notion you had before getting married? 

And for my single friends who are listening, what’s one assumption you have about marriage?

Maybe you’re 100% certain “you won’t turn out like your parents” or “we will never have serious conflict”…

Marriage can be a profoundly sanctifying experience. Not only does God use it to bless us, but also to refine us so we can better reflect Christ’s character.

“Love is not an emotion, love is not just something you stir up. Love is commitment and self-sacrifice.” Bob Lepine

My guest, Bob Lepine, co-host of Family Life Today®, joins me today to discuss various aspects of genuine love.   

We take a deep dive into the infamous wedding passage, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, and break it down:

  • Why patience comes first in Paul’s description of love
  • How “bearing all things” might look different than you think 
  • Where to go when you feel you’re drifting away from your spouse

Share Your Thoughts

I’d love to know – among the attributes of love we discussed today, which is the easiest or most challenging for you to embody? Share in the comments!

Links mentioned in the episode:

Family Life Today

Redeemer Community Church

Love Like You Mean It –The Heart of a Marriage that Honors God

Facebook: @bob.lepine.7

Twitter: @FLTBob

Instagram: @blepine

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Bob Lepine

For almost three decades, Bob Lepine served as co host of FamilyLife Today®. He is the teaching pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is the author of Love Like You Mean It: The Heart of a Marriage That Honors God (2020), The Christian Husband (1999) and has two books releasing in 2022 – Build A Stronger Marriage and the Three Emotions of Christmas. Bob and his wife, Mary Ann have five children and ten grandchildren.


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