Being the Mother of the Groom – How to Pray for Your Son’s Future Wife ~ Episode 191 with Cheri Fletcher & Special Guest Jennifer Woody

Aug 2, 2022 | community, Faith, Family, Game Plan, Home, Legacy, Marriage, Mentor, Parenting, Podcast, Spiritual Game Plan, Transition

What’s the most recent new role you’ve added to your life?

How did you feel about it — Apprehensive or Excited? Perhaps a little bit of both?

Well, I’ll be stepping into my new role as a mother-in-law in just 19 short days! 

Although the role is new, it’s one I’ve been eagerly anticipating for the last year!

As I prepare for this change, I’ve been reflecting on the path God has taken our family to get here. So today’s episode is a discussion of:

  • The crucial role parents play in laying a foundation of faith in their children
  • How to make our homes an environment of faith for our children
  • Why surrounding our children with a godly community of people is so important 

I’m also talking with a special guest and dear friend, Jennifer Woody. We explore these topics in-depth, and she shares her unique perspective as a mother and pastor who has worked closely with teenagers and young adults in various settings. She is also the pastor who will be officiating my son’s wedding! ❤️

Tell me

If you’re a parent, tell me: What is one prayer you’ve said for your child’s current or future spouse?

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Dr. Amy Jill Levine - Your Spiritual Game Plan

Pastor Jennifer Woody

Jennifer Woody serves as the Pastor at the Monroe Seventh-day Adventist Church.  She holds a BA in theology from Washington Adventist University and a masters in pastoral ministry through Andrews University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Church Growth and Multiplicity.

Jennifer’s two passions in life are deeply studying the Word of God and sharing the Gospel with all ages.

She has been married to Justin for 24 years, and they have two teenage daughters.


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