Episode 107 – How To Find And Embrace Your Unique Voice and Message

Aug 18, 2020 | Podcast, Purpose, Seasons of change, Stuck, Validation

You would think that by now I would remember that things will not always go as planned. In fact, they never go 100% as I envisioned.  When that happens it is natural to experience disappointment. It is the resentment that hurts me and can often stop me from even being willing to consider plan B, C, or D.

My own motherly advice comes back to me during these times. I can choose to let the disappointment grow or I can turn it into determination and that is when I will grow.

Understanding that plan B was already in His plan for me helps through the discouragement.

In this episode I am talking with Csilla Muscan about what we do with that unexpected event is what makes all the difference.

“The choice of how you are going to respond to the curveballs are entirely up to you. You can choose to adapt to Plan B and make the most of the new plan, or you can get stuck in resentment, a place that leads nowhere. Living out our purpose requires adjusting and learning to work the new plan. We need to adapt our strategy for the best outcome possible. The question is, what do you choose? The decision is yours.” Csilla

There are many times when I let the disappointment take over and I lose my voice or chose not to use it. As I write this I am remembering my preschooler standing with her arms crossed, furrowed brow pursed lips refusing to talk. Things had not gone as she had hoped so she was saying, “fine then I won’t do anything.”  Sadly I have said that to God as well.

Thank goodness we have a kind Father whose grace covers our disappointment.  He lets us have our moments and then calls us back.  Like any father, He knows the potential that He placed in us and wants us to experience the blessing of using it – especially during plan B.

Listen in as Csilla and I will be discussing  ~

  • How God wants us to be able to admire the purpose He created in us
  • Why we fail to understand and reach our full potential
  • Why having a plan B so important to living out our purpose

Let Me Know

Have you had to face Plan B in your life? Have you been able to adjust?

Take a moment to reflect on these times, then if you are comfortable please comment and share your experience. You can also email me. Your story helps others know they are not alone when they face plans B, C, or D.

Links mentioned in the episode:

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Finding Your Voice 


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Find more information about Our Guest

Csillla Muscan

Csilla (pronounced Cheela) is an international singer, speaker, and the author of Finding Your Voice and Dare To Awaken. With over 20 years of experience as a performing artist and keynote speaker, she learned a thing or two about what makes for a powerful communicator. She is an old soul with a contemporary voice.  Born and raised in a third world country amidst excruciatingly difficult circumstances, Csilla is committed to sharing her story of overcoming and rising from the ashes in order to inspire her audience into brave action.  Currently, you can find her bi-weekly on her CAPTIVATE podcast, where Csilla teaches women how to become better communicators and she interviews other inspiring leaders.  Connect with her on her website or IG @csillamuscan


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