How a Billboard Pop Star turned Christian and Defeated the Darkness ~ Episode 203 with Jeannie Ortega Law

Oct 25, 2022 | Freedom, Podcast, Restoration, Spiritual battle, Spiritual Game Plan, Spiritual Warfare

In your life, what means has God used to free you from the stronghold of the enemy?


God is faithful to draw us to Himself and will use many different means to pull us closer. 

Sometimes we need a drastic jolt to lift us out of our daily rut and remind us that He is what matters.  


From the ghetto of Brooklyn to success in Hollywood to a stunning restoration in Jesus, My guest Jeannie Ortega Law fought witchcraft, abuse, demonic attacks, violence, suicidal thoughts, rejection, being treated like a commodity as a pop star, and more. 


Jeannie is a billboard-topping pop star turned Christian; she learned that you must activate your spiritual sight to defeat the darkness in this world. 


We will be discussing her book,  What Is Happening to Me? How to Defeat Your Unseen Enemy.


We hope our discussion will enable you to move from being on the defensive to taking an offensive position against the enemy. 


How does the enemy attack your everyday life? 

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Jeannie Ortega Law

 Jeannie Ortega Law is a chart-topping singer, speaker, media personality, journalist, and actress from New York City. Her TV show, In the Mix, appears on TBN’s Salsa Network and 24 Flix. 

She tours various venues, including churches, sharing her music and life-changing testimony. She and her husband, Renn, live in Orlando, Florida, and lead Most High King Ministries. 


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