How Classic Books Can Be A Blueprint to Overcome Fear and Recapture Joy ~ Episode 229 with Jennifer Pepito

May 9, 2023 | children, Classic literature, Contentment, Family, Fear, Freedom, Joy, Mentor, Motherhood, Mothers, Parenting, Podcast, reading


In your mothering journey, which books from children’s classic literature do you turn to for help?

That one made me stop and think for a while. But, of course, there are plenty of “how-to” books for mothering. However, I had never considered looking back at my childhood stories… until now!

As moms, we face so many struggles and fears. Is what we’re doing enough? How will our kids turn out? As we face these fears, we wonder what we can do.

My guest on this episode is Jennifer Pepito, a writer, and mother of seven! Despite her desire to raise a strong family, fear stole her joy as a mother. 

Like me, she has asked herself whether what she is doing is the right thing for her children.

Then, she discovered her joy in an unexpected place! It was in the pages of classic literature that she read aloud to her children every day. 

Through these stories, she restored the wonder of childhood to both herself and her children.

As Jennifer explains in her book, Mothering by the Book, we can use those lessons to overcome our fears.

Jennifer will share lessons from three of my favorite classics:

  • Focusing on the positive from: Little House on the Prairie Series
  • Speaking Life to those around you from: Charlotte’s Web
  • Taking time to reflect from: Pride & Prejudice

Becoming a better, happier mom starts with the stories you tell your kids.” Jennifer Pepito

Links mentioned in the episode:

The Peaceful Press – Award Winning Cirriculum





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Jennifer Pepito

Jennifer Pepito founded The Peaceful Press, a company committed to providing learning resources that promote the connection between parents and children. Jennifer’s wisdom has also been featured on Wild + Free, The MOB Society, the Washington Post, and Home Educating Family. She has unlocked the power of a well-told story and wants you to do the same thing.



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