How Faithful Habits Can Help You Choose Joy~ Episode 219 with Yvette Babs Walker

Feb 28, 2023 | Contentment, Habits, Happiness, Happy, Heart, Joy, Podcast, Purpose


What is holding you back from experiencing joy?

Now that self-care and getaways are more accessible than ever before, joy should be just a click away.

Yet the search for happiness and joy continues to be a popular topic.

My guest Yvette Babs Walker knows about wanting to experience joy and wondering when she would find it.

There was a time when she believed in God but felt numb in her faith. 

She knows what it’s like to be a seeker instead of a believer. 

Yvette will share her experiences from that time and what awakened her faith.

She will reveal:

  • HOW to choose joy 
  • HOW to find it
  • WHERE to apply it in our own homes

If your life is empty, Yvette wants to help you fill it with the joy of the Lord!

Links mentioned in the episode:

Yvette Babs Walker

Positively Joy Website

Choose BIGGER, BETTER FAITH in 5 steps!






Find More Information About My Guest

Yvette Babs Walker

Yvette Babs Walker is a journalist, educator, and the host of a faith-based podcast and ministry, Positively Joy. She loves writing, blogging, and writing Christian songs.

Yvette stays connected to His Word through Bible journaling and serving in various roles within her church and community. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, and they have two fur kids: a black Labrador and a Maine Coon cat.


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