How to Claim Confidence and Find Fulfillment in Realizing God’s Best Things ~ Episode 185 with Billie Jauss

Billie Jauss Your Spiritual Game Plan

What is the number one distraction?

Maybe things like media, technology, your never-ending to-do list are what first comes to mind. But what about the distractions that aren’t external? The ones in our heads. 

Those emotional and mental distractions that we often don’t even realize are there. These can be the most challenging to eliminate and the most detrimental to realizing God’s best for us. 

In this episode I’m joined by Billie Jauss . We will discuss ways to identify and handle emotional distractions, through a process of detoxing from the emotional toxins and realigning priorities.

Billie wants to help you create a spiritual health plan with a Distraction Detox that will help you claim confidence and find fulfillment. Not in adding one more thing, but in realizing God’s best things

She shares her D-E-T-O-X acronym, so we can confidently step into the unique calling God has placed on each of our lives

What distractions are you dealing with?

Share below, or email me, what resonated with you the most from today’s episode!

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Billie Jauss Your Spiritual Game Plan

Billie Jauss

Billie Jauss has a passion for inspiring women in their spiritual growth and helping them find peace and fulfillment. She is the author of Making Room Doing Less So God Can Do More & Distraction DETOX, and podcast host of start small BELIEVE BIG.

Billie and her husband, Dave, a Major League Baseball coach, have been married for thirty years and have three sons. They spend their off-season in southwest Florida.

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