How to Study Prayers in the Bible for Learning How to Approach God ~ Episode 227 with Amy Hale

Apr 25, 2023 | Bible Study, petition, Podcast, Prayer


Suppose you stopped worrying about what others might think if they heard you pray. How would your prayer life change?

There is no doubt that prayer is for God and that He desires a personal relationship with us!

For Amy Hale, that was the point where her relationship with Him deepened.

“I don’t want others to spend most of their lives not knowing how powerful and life-giving it is!”

By studying the Word and drawing closer to God, she has come to share her insights and passion for daily Bible reading with others.

In this episode, Amy will share how her prayer life has grown stronger and more consistent after studying specific prayers from the lives of Abraham and Jesus Himself. She will discuss fundamental key principles she learned, illustrate how she applied them, and then leave us with a challenge to flip the narrative of the enemy!

We can see significant changes when we take God’s Word and apply even the little things to our lives. 

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Amy Hale



​​Well-Watered Woman – Redefined

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Amy Hale

Amy is a wife, mom, and GiGi from Memphis, TN. She is a conference speaker, Bible teacher, and an accidental Instagram influencer who is passionate about helping women get into the habit of daily Bible reading. Most days, you will likely find her either shopping for candles, sitting at her kitchen table studying Scripture, or spoiling Oliver, her basset hound.


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