How to Train our Focus and Awareness to Track God ~ Episode 190 with Lori Margo

Jul 26, 2022 | Faith, Game Plan, Gratitude, Joy, Listening, Podcast, Prayer, Reflection, Spiritual Game Plan, Spiritual Growth

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “God, are you with me — REALLY with me?”

Maybe it was a season of grief, a time of uncertainty, or during a search for your purpose. 

On today’s episode, I got to talk with Lori Mango about her concept of “Tracking God.” She shares how taking purposeful pauses to document the little ways God works in your everyday life can train us to focus on Him and help us avoid being taken prisoner by our reactions. 

We specifically discuss:

  • Lori’s “year of faith” – a pivotal point in her walk with the Lord
  • Biblical examples of the power we find when reflecting on God’s work
  • The differences between ”Tracking God” and simply maintaining “an “attitude of gratitude”

I hope that after listening, you’ll feel equipped to connect (or re-connect) with God in a deeper way. 

Tell me 

Will you look back and share one specific thing God did to show you He was with you during a significant life event?


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How to Fast Track God Today



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Dr. Amy Jill Levine - Your Spiritual Game Plan

Lori Margo

Lori Margo teaches women to notice God in the details of their lives so their faith is strengthened. She is a speaker and writer who shares her own story of seeing the surprising presence of God during uncertain times and equips women to track the threads of His faithfulness and trust Him in their own journey.

Lori and her husband live in the central coast of California and have three kids.  Lori loves beach walks, going to the movies, and peanut butter! 

I have asked Lori to come back on the show to talk about her amazing course Tracking God. She will tell us how we can train our focus and awareness to the One who truly loves to participate in our lives.

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  1. Tricia Caldwell

    I love this post. Oh my, there is many tracks I can look back upon and see God at work all through my life young, middle aged and older. He has been with me every step of the way. There is life stories I have never shared but with only a few select trusted friends and God was there in my deepest darkest moments and in my brightest accomplishments. My life is truly a path of split intersections but headed upward to that highway in the sky. If I were a writer my book would shock many but I’m not, so I silently thank God everyday for his leading and guidance. On a side note we would leave Nadia and the Twins handprints on our bay windows too! Love you, Tricia


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