Sharing the Hope of Jesus in the Darkest of Places ~ Episode 212 with Rachelle Starr

Jan 10, 2023 | Faith, Fulfillment, Game Plan, God's Will, Hope, Human Trafficking, Mentor, Podcast, Redemption


Who gets placed in the category of “those kinds of people” in your mind?

In my childhood and, sadly, in my classification system as an adult, many different kinds of people were referred to that way.

Are they people with more money, less money, more education, or no education? 

People who have been loved in a safe environment or have never experienced love and are searching for it in the wrong places?


Today I am talking with Rachelle Star, founder of Scarlet Hope.

When she was only twenty-three years old, Rachelle felt called to love some of  ‘those kinds of people’ and started going to strip clubs to share Christ’s love with the dancers. Having founded a Christian ministry to people in the adult entertainment industry, she demonstrates the key to shining Christ’s light into the darkness–love people one at a time and continue to love them no matter what.

In this episode, Rachelle will share how:

  • Loving others as Jesus did has to be more than social media shares and likes
  • How God used “Scarlet Hope” in Mary’s incredible story of redemption 
  • The hope we can share with people of God’s redemption in our community


If you are willing, share your answer to my question, leave a comment or email me at

I love hearing your stories and knowing how I can pray for you.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Scarlet Hope

Outrageous Obedience

Facebook: @TheScarletHope

Instagram: @thescarlethope ;

Find more information about Our Guest

Rachelle Starr

Rachelle Starr founded Scarlet Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry. Rachelle also leads a gospel-centered career development program where women can receive employment and job skills while discovering their God-given gifts and talents. Rachelle and her husband, Josh, have two boys and reside in Louisville, Kentucky.


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