The Tools You Need that will Help You Stomp out Your Anxiety Elephants ~ Episode 205 with Caris Snider

Nov 8, 2022 | Anxiety, Anxious, Content, Courage, Freedom, Peace, Podcast, Restore, Spiritual Game Plan


How often do you find yourself playing the ‘I should have’ game in your head?

It’s so easy to succumb to the comparison trap encouraged by social media, looking at all the other moms and feeling like ‘I should’ be doing x, y, z to be better.  

That only adds to our anxiety.  When anxiety runs deep, it can be crippling for some people.

In this episode, Caris Snider and I discuss the physical and emotional aspects related to anxiety and a few ways to help in the journey of overcoming what Caris calls ‘the quicksand of anxiety’.

Caris shares her experience dealing with anxiety and depression in her own life that led her to write 2 devotional books to help you overcome anxiety called, Anxiety Elephants 31 Day Devotional and Anxiety Elephants 90 Day Devotional for Tweens.

The Anxiety Elephants have invaded your life with their rumbling and pounding at the most inconvenient times.  Anxiety Elephants is a 31 Day Devotional written to help you have hope and tools in overcoming the anxiety bombarding your life.

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Are you or someone you love living through anxiety?  Send me a message; I would love to encourage and pray for you!  

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Caris Snider

Caris Snider is a Christian Communicator who shares the hope of God through speaking, writing,  coaching, and leading worship. She is the author of Anxiety Elephants 31 Day Devotional and Anxiety Elephants 90 Day Devotional for Tweens. Her passion comes forth as she shares from her experiences of overcoming depression, anxiety, fear, and shame. 

Caris desires to help women of all generations see their value and worth through the eyes of the Lord. It is important to her to encourage everyone to grow in their faith and mental health. 

Caris offers inspiration to those who feel purposeless to discover their God-given calling no one else can accomplish. 

For more information about Caris, her ministry, books, or speaking, go to:


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