An Interactive Guide to Help Fathers Transition Your Sons into Manhood ~ Episode 234 with Dean Briggs

Jun 13, 2023 | Faith, Family, Fatherhood, Fathers, Men, Parenting, Podcast, Transition, Uncategorized


Isaiah 32:8 tells us that a noble man makes a noble plan, so he can stand on noble deeds.

If we aren’t giving our young men noble plans and teaching them how to make them, how do we expect our sons to become men that stand on noble deeds?

As Father’s Day approaches, I chose a guest that would highlight one of the most important works that God has called Fathers to complete.

My guest, Dean Briggs, a father and stepfather to 7 boys, has carried the weight of this important mission heavily on his shoulders knowing that there are only a few brief years in which men can guide their sons into manhood. 

Dean will share with us:

  • The virtues of manhood
  • How to help boys grow up to be godly men
  • Highlights from his book: Brave Quest – An Interactive Journey for Young Men to Help Them Build A Godly Character

This book is a great resource for fathers that are looking for a fatherhood Spiritual Game Plan!

If you know someone who would enjoy this powerful rite-of-passage system for fathers and sons, be sure to share this and encourage them!


Links mentioned in the episode:


Dean Briggs

Brave Quest Book

Brave Quest Expert

Dean’s Books




Find more information about Our Guest

Dean Briggs

Dean Briggs serves on the executive leadership team at IHOPKC. He travels and teaches on sonship, righteousness, and ekklesia, bringing a 30,000-foot view of God’s redemptive plan. His books include manifestos on prayer, fasting, and discipleship, including Ekklesia Rising and Consumed

His fiction includes the critically praised epic YA fantasy series The Legends of Karac Tor. He and his wife, Jeanie, have eight grown children. They reside in Kansas City, MO.


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