Discover How to be The Woman who Finds Her Strength and Renewal from the Lord Episode 181 with Rachel Lovingood

Rachel Lovingood Your Spiritual Game Plan

When was the last time you felt exhausted from a day’s work only to have a friend or family member say, “Hey would you mind helping me with …?”

If anyone understands that feeling, it would be Jesus, after 24 hours of meeting the needs of his followers. 

Today I’m talking to Rachel Lovingood, a friend from my new hometown.

Rachel and I take walks together. During one of our walks, we shared all that we had going on in our lives. When I told her that the needs of others kept being added to my list, interrupting what I needed to do and how tired I was, she shared some insight into a day in the life of Jesus that changed my perspective.

I invited Rachel over to sit down and join me on the podcast so that it could bless you as well.

Jesus shows us by example, in Mark 6, that we need to find our strength and renewal from God and look differently at interruptions.


How often are you interrupted by the needs of others?  Cell reply and share how you respond to their need.

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Rachel Lovingood

First Baptist Church Cleveland TN


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Rachel Lovingood Your Spiritual Game Plan

Rachel Lovingood

Rachel is a wife, mom, friend, author, speaker, teacher, and whatever gets thrown her way. She and her husband have been involved in ministry for over 31 years.

Rachel firmly believes that God’s Word is transforming and the best way to live the abundant life is by following Christ daily. She loves encouraging women to pursue a life sold out to Jesus. You can find her ministry at

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