How to Embolden Your Courage and Not let Fear Have the Final Say ~ Episode 173 with Amy Debrucque

Mar 29, 2022 | Courage, Fear, Podcast, Purpose, Spiritual Growth, Strength

How do you climb the mountain of anxiety?

One small step of surrender at a time.

Let’s be honest, when you are struggling with anxiety, even the most basic tasks become mountains to climb.

Amy Dubruque wrote the book “Embolden” with her daughter Blair to help women overcome their anxiety through daily small wins with God.

Even though they wrote this book for young adults, the truth is these issues do not age out! 

We all struggle with fear, kindness, temptation, and personal growth.

Amy openly shares about living in fear all of her life, and when she noticed her daughter struggling with the same things it became apparent it was time to write this book. It is designed to meet you right where you are at, but not leave you there.

Amy gives hope and emboldens you with a game plan to overcome fears with God.

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Amy DeBracque Your Spiritual Game Plan

Amy DeBracque

Amy Debrucque is a wife, mom, writer, and founder of the Life On Purpose Movement and host of the Life On Purpose Podcast. After a cancer diagnosis at age 40, she began encouraging other women to share their stories in order to find hope and healing. Living her life on purpose was a reminder that everything with God’s purpose is on the other side of fear.


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