How To Look for the Unexpected Invitations from God to take Refuge in Him ~ Episode 172 with Kathi Lipp & Cheri Gregory

cheri gregory kathi lipp your spiritual game plan

Did you know God can teach you abundance through chickens and strawberries?

It is proof that God meets us right where we are… but also that it is possible to live in abundance, no matter what the circumstances are!

In today’s episode, Cheri Gregory and Kathi Lipp share about their devotional, An Abundant Place,Daily Retreats for the Woman Who Can’t Get Away and how God replaces the overwhelm, with abundance. 

Both come to this with years of experience, trials, and toil and encourage you to find the habit of viewing your life through the lens of abundance.

With lessons learned from chickens… and strawberries… and a lot of real-life mixed in.

Cheri and Kathi talk about:

  • How living with abundance is not a personality trait but a habit to cultivate.
  • Embracing that God is with you in your sorrow and panic
  • There is rest in stillness, and value in cozy places set aside for you and God!

Abundance is all about mindset and having a game plan that is centered around God and HIS work in our lives. 

Together, Cheri and Kathi encourage you to lean into God and embrace the abundance He has already given you.

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Cheri Gregory Kathi Lipp Your Spiritual Game Plan

Cheri Gregory & Kathi Lipp

Through scripture and story-telling, Cheri Gregory delights in helping women draw closer to Jesus, the Strength of every tender heart. She is the co-leader of Sensitive and Strong U, which is an online community for Christian women who are Highly Sensitive Persons; co-host, with Amy Carroll, of Grit ‘n’ Grace—The Podcast; founder of Write Beside You communicator coaching; and coauthor, with Kathi Lipp, of You Don’t Have to Try So Hard and Overwhelmed. Cheri speaks locally and internationally for women’s events and educational conferences. She and her college sweetheart, Daniel, have been married for over three decades; they’ve spent the last 15 years living and serving on the campus of Monterey Bay Academy on the central California coast. 

Kathi Lipp is the host of the Clutter Free Academy podcast, and the bestselling author of The Husband Project, Clutter Free, Ready for Anything and An Abundant Place. She and her husband, Roger, live in the mountains of northern California where they run the Red House Writing Retreats. Using humor and wisdom, Kathi offers hope paired with practical steps to women looking to live with meaning. 

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