When Taking a Powerful Pause for the Go-Getter Will Help You Refocus ~ Episode 177 with Tiffany Jo Baker

Apr 26, 2022 | messy middle, pause, Podcast, refocus, Rest, Waiting

Have you ever found yourself assuming that if you’re walking according to God’s will and living out the calling He has woven into your life, it’s all going to be rainbows and unicorns?

As dreamers and do-ers, so often we focus on an end goal without considering the inevitable messy middle.  It’s during those times when you’re facing uncertainty and doubt that Satan’s voice gets the loudest. This is where taking a powerful pause can change everything. Stopping and inviting God into the messy middle with you!

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Tiffany Jo Baker, author of the 31-day devotional, “Soul Care for the Go-Getters: Refresh & Refocus in Five Minutes A Day”. 

We discuss the importance of taking a powerful pause, how pivoting your mindset can help you regain focus in the messy middle of your journey, as well as a fascinating way that God has used Tiffany to help the dream of others come true.

In her devotional, Tiffany Jo provides quick words of encouragement to offer sanity and wisdom for busy go-getters in the midst of crazy schedules, confusion, and doubt. 


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 Tiffany Jo Baker Your Spiritual Game Plan

Tiffany Jo Baker

Tiffany Jo Baker is the host of All The Things TV Podcast,  an author, speaker, and strategist who loves to uplift the soul and success of overwhelmed and reluctant go-getters  through mapping out simple strategies for them to birth their God-given dreams.  She will tell you that she is a caffeinated mom to teen girls as well a surrogate who has delivered 5 babies for three  families dealing with infertility, and wife to an extreme outdoorsman

Tiffany provides soul care, strategy sessions, communication workshops and purposeful products for busy women, couples and business owners who are walking out what God has called and created them to do online, at home, and in the real world.


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